A sexual fantasy, also called an erotic fantasy, is a mental image or pattern of thought that stirs a person's sexuality and can create or enhance sexual arousal...


Erotic Fantasies

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Erotic Fantasies


A sexual fantasy, also called an erotic fantasy, is a mental image or pattern of thought that stirs a person’s sexuality and can create or enhance sexual arousal. A sexual fantasy can be created by the person’s imagination or memory, and may be triggered autonomously or by external stimulation such as erotic literature or pornography, a physical object, or sexual attraction to another person. Anything that may give rise to a sexual arousal may also produce a sexual fantasy, and sexual arousal may in turn give rise to fantasies.


Preferences of Anal sex 

Anal sex, A-level escorts derives from the Latin word anus. The anus is a sensitive zone that reacts positively to touch. The anus is the most erogenous zone of the whole body. Just a light touch can arouse sexual desire. Some ladies and gentlemen enjoy this form of sexuality as a welcome alternation in their sex life.

For a lot of people, anal sex is a taboo subject – others love to keep their backdoor open.

It doesn’t always work on the first go with an escorts, as a higher degree of trust is necessary. Even for those who are experienced in having anal sex, it is unpleasant on some days and sensual and stimulating on other days.

​Submissive Games

Submissive Games in Bed

Mild submissive escortsSubmissive derives from the Latin word for “devotion” and stands for submissiveness, devotion, and humbleness. Submissive people submit to others for their own increase of sexual desire and enjoy to be dominated in a physical or mental way.

Submissive escort ladies like being obedient in bed and devote willingly to the demands of their partner. Submissive women want to be fully at their sexual partner’s mercy.There is no limit to this erotic undertaking. There are numerous possibilities for submissive women to live out their submissiveness.

From harmless games of dominance up to harder bondage games and cuffing practices. In a lot of cases, this goes along with role games with verbal humiliation. Submissive games demand pre-set rules and limits.

Erotic Dreams

At Escort The Elite Companions we take the time to get to known our clients, so we understand the requirements. We pay attention to detail and welcome new challenges.

To us, each booking is different and close attention must be paid to what is required by the client and what is he/she looking for. Meeting your Escort in the Hotel bar, in a lounge or even in a restaurant – pretending you just met her, but looking and dressing exact the way you requested. We want to make sure that she drives you crazy and in this way stimulates your most secret and hidden desires.

Our Ladies and Gentleman love new challenges, so let us know what you have always been fantasising about and we try our best to make your fantasy become reality. We sincerely hope to hear about your wildest fantasies soon!

Mature Escorts

Escort Services with charming and mature women at the age of 33+

The best escort is far more than just a temporary companion. She is sensitive to a man’s intimate needs. She is experienced. She is attractive, provocative, and sexy, but also has enough life experience to adjust to both formal and informal settings. She is eager to excite the man she is with, but also knows when the moment calls for stylishness and ladylike conduct. She’s the ideal partner for a discerning gentleman because she always notices what the man she is with likes and works to make his fantasies come true.

Each of our escorts is unique. As a service, we are experienced. We know how many gentlemen privately desire the presence of an elegant companion who knows how to stir their desires while also remaining tactful and discreet. These are the kinds of women we provide. They are mature and smart, tactful and adventurous, balanced and down-to-earth. They are confident and know where they stand in life. Their maturity allows them listen openly to fantasies and the desire to experiment and to respond with passion. They know that each man is different. They will listen your intimate needs and work to make them come true. While you’re with one of our escorts, their goal is simple: to arouse you and please you in any way possible. They want you to reach the level of pleasure you both crave and deserve. Our girls will listen, respond and make your forbidden dreams come true.

Bondage Games

Soft Bondage Escorts

Bondage games – fanciful erotic excitement

Romantic hours don’t always have to be cuddly. Soft bondage provides that certain something and the essential thrill to relax and to leave the daily routine behind. Soft bondage games can’t be compared to SM but are intended to create a sparkling atmosphere.

The tied up partner loves to be at his partner’s mercy. Bondage games with handcuffs, silk scarfs, or ropes are often used for erotic love plays- However, tieing someone up or getting tied up, is still a game of submission and power.

Some of the The Elite Companions escort ladies offer this service, but often exclusively as the active part. They only allow regular customers to take the active part, as this is a matter of complete trust.


Dominatrix – Dominant  – Domination

Term Domina and dominant Escort

In previous times, the word “dominatrix” was used for a landlady or master. Today, it designates a woman offering sadistic and dominant practices against money. A dominatrix is a woman with dominant tendencies. Dominant ladies on the other hand often bear the title mistress, lady or Madame.

Games of domination are a sensual practice in which one partner acts in a dominant way towards his submissive partner. An unequal level of power can be created in a variety of games. The female domination describes to woman’s dominance. This sexual orientation is often noticed by men that want to act out their secret desire of a woman’s submission. In a lot of cases, she is also called lady or mistress, whereby the male and submissive part is often called servant or slave.

In Escort service, usually only soft dominance games are offered. These include slight dominant practices, such as verbal humiliation, bondage, role play, whip, fetish latex and leather.

Sex With Bite

The lust of sex play with your teeth

Kissing, licking, sucking – but happy. Lets go on we can do it better! Pleasant biting and nibbling demonstrates pleasure and excitement. And almost half of all people are biting in bed! It is the contrast of soft lips and firm bite which is felt as exciting. To grab this animal impulse in us right and to groan the partner, the winds under your hands, lips and teeth. Already in the Kamasutra, different techniques are explained: If you would like to learn more about this, please refer to the chapter “Types of Bites”.


Do not worry – this is not about flogging and BDSM. Pleural pain begins with the little things like a nodule, nibbling and gently pull on the lower lip. That’s what makes it, or. A firm grip on your tight butt or firm breasts, slightly coarse, lustful and untamed yet so exciting – for both. Pain affects many as a sexual simulant. The more agitated, the higher the pain threshold and the feeling of lusciousness. The aching excitement acts like a drive to the orgasm, which is thus perceived even more intensively and deeper. Sounds like it’s worth a bite, right?

Nibble zones

Taste, as always. Erogenic zones are individual but a little bit we are similar in our feelings when it comes to where we nibble and make gentle biting hot. Classics: Shoulders and neck – pre-gently at the earlobe. The classmates of the old school, especially when they say good-bye to their final destination: “Are you still coming in?” Made kisses with gentle biting into the lower lip and it melts. Also her other lips may be spoiled with the teeth, but laaaaangsam and well to the reaction of your date pay attention! You also do not want that your best piece is used as a caustange. Always one hit, however, are the thighs – for both: the bites on the inside simply make. If you do not have a date with one or a foot fetishist should leave your toes and feet first. Why? Acute congestion. Even if laughing in bed is great – but if your sweetness falls from the giggle out of the bed it is with the hot pleasure first times over.

I like you to eat

Speaking of tracks: Of course nobody wants the next meeting all the traces of your biting passion can admire your neck. And your wife probably still less, if your Escortdate “with bite” has prepared you much pleasure. Therefore please moderate and do not bite until blood comes. Because blood is a body fluid whose unprotected exchange is an absolute taboo in the escort. In addition, too strong bites are usually not regarded as erotic. The gentlemen and ladies with blood or pain fetish should thus do this better at home or in a BDSM studio.

If you want an escort with truly amazing social skills, hire a high-end escort.These women have mastered the social etiquette that business-related social settings require.

Swingers Clubs

Let’s swing!

Lonely, twentysomething, dreisam – swingers usually do not stay long alone. But what exactly are swingers? The expression comes from the English to swing and means commute, move back and forth, move freely and also swing. Swingen is the most widely used term for men and women who live their sexuality freely and without restrictions with, but not necessarily with, different sex partners. This happens beyond the conventional moral concepts of monogamy and social taboos which are still valid in our society. Swingen opens up new possibilities for living differently. In a swing club, among other things, the possibility is offered to live fantasies and sexual practices in the form of partnertausch, voyeurism, exhibitionism and group sex in mostly erotic and adapted ambiences. Anyone who has once found taste in this free way of sexuality will swing into a kind of lifestyle. Even under the caribbean sun and in other parts of the world, even as vacation resorts, you can enjoy the pleasures of a holiday.

Clichés and facts about club visits

Thanks to numerous reports on medium-fledged TV channels, one usually has a rather low-level picture of the scene: full-bodied middle-aged and advanced year-olds in slightly flattering stimulus pieces from size L, the white skin rush to the pool and buffet in old German oak with subsequent dessert in the room with the The red plush cushion or the jacuzzi with plastic palm. Stimulating is certainly different. But tastes are, as is well known, different. Nevertheless, most clubs in Germany shine with stylish ambience and exact rules that limit access to the club. Swingerclubs are therefore not a place for lazy spanners! Even if the voyeuristic veins of the swingers get their money’s worth. One differentiates pure couples clubs to which only couples are admitted and clubs, in which also individuals have access. Behind related names such as Saunaclub, Partytreff or FKK Club are usually no Swingerstablissements, but locations to which also prostitutes have access.

The first time swingerclub

It is best to start by selecting the club that is right for you. What sex practices? What fantasies? A small club? Or a real oasis of opportunity in a big setting? What equipment should be there? What are the rules? All these questions are important for man and woman to have fun! Each club has changing rooms with showers, bar or bar and usually also a dining area with high quality treats (… the food of course!). Hygiene items, towels and condoms at every corner should be standard. Pool, sauna and beautiful showers including cosmetic products testify to good service. The sex areas are usually divided into theme areas or motifs. There are large playgrounds for group sex (here usually with the “other treats”), small rooms called “Glory Holes” in which persons from outside can touch the persons in the room. Classically present the almost legendary gyn chair and massage beds. A darkroom with sparse lighting for sexual contacts for all who love the kick of the dark. Many clubs have soft SM rooms for all lovers of BDSM games. Not to be despised is the illumination: some like it a little brighter others prefer a sparse lighting. Everything should be available. However, most swingers like to see what others are doing.

Relationship killer?

This is especially true for couples who want to visit couples’ clubs. Anyone who wants to visit such a visit should definitely talk about it and clarify whether the morality in a relationship overlaps the experimental, erotic spirit in itself. Do you think that joint trips to a club can seriously jeopardize the relationship? Or is it an enrichment for his relationship to extend the sexual horizon together? Because this definitely expands! Who is afraid of his relationship does not forget: Partnertausch is an option but not a must! Simply enjoy the erotic atmosphere together and try out together in all the hot possibilities that such a couple club offers can certainly be an enrichment! One could almost speak of a golden swinging rule that says: Speaking is gold and silence is a risk.

Last but not least, the communication can be a very tingling prelude to all other activities. In this sense, you would like everyone to have a wonderful and unforgettable experience in Swinger Clubs.

Tantra Massage

Extension of sensuality

A quotation from van Lysebeth states: “Adding the suffix” tra “(which expresses the instrumental) to the root” tan “(expanding, expanding), then you get” tantra “, literally meaning the instrument for the extension of the consciousness . “

The tantra massage is only a part of the doctrine and a form of ritual contact art. It was developed from the western Neo-Tantra in the mid-1980s. The Tantra massage honors the human body and the human being in its entirety. As a ritual, she teaches and conveys a certain ethos: joy, dignity, consideration, attention, caution, care, openness, respect for others, courage, as well as the ability to make self-determined decisions about what is good for you. As an art of touch, it allows an extension of our sensuality. In Western neo-tantra, which focuses more on body and sexuality, the following goals are usually based on: developing a healthy access to one’s own body, allowing one’s own emotional world, healing the inner child, working with sensuality, enjoyment and sexuality , But also spiritual development and experience. That sounds like a lot of sensual pleasure!

Art of touch

The tantra massage sees the body as the temple of our personality and is an intense and highly sensual experience. It respects the sexual nature of man and knows that sexual pleasure can be one of the strongest and most original sources of joy and satisfaction. Tantric massages are understood as art and at the same time as ritual: the tantra masseur or the masseur, together with the surrender, creates a transient work of touch, skin, pleasure, relaxation, tenderness, strength and breathing. The erotic massages devote themselves to every part of the body extensively, even the intimate area. In doing so, one uses his hands, his body, but also feathers, skins, flattering substances or fragrant oils. An ideal game for couples and escort clients who want to experience sexuality on a new level. The intense touches provide proximity and security. Devotion and enjoyment is something other than consumption, because here it is not “consumed” but created. Tantric massages are often understood as an introduction to further love treatments and bring fresh air into the erotic everyday life. However, they can also stand alone on their own. Visit together with an escort lady a tantric massage and experience pleasure on a new level of eroticism as a very special service.

Yoni and Lingam

“Yoni” and “Lingam” are words from Indian Sanskrit and name the entire female genital area of ​​female (Yoni) and male (Lingam). Yoni-Masage is the Tantramassage for women, in which not only the whole body but also the intimate area is carefully massaged. The same applies to the Lingam massage for the man too. Embedded in an eight-part whole-body massage of 2 to 3 hours, the genital massage allows the woman or the man to perceive the intimate area for a period of half an hour or a whole, to feel and communicate what is doing well and what is not. In women, clitoris, labia, vagina and G-point are massaged and explored sensually and gently. In this mindful massage, the woman can immerse herself deeply in your desire and give herself to your feelings, which can arise during the massage and can be very different. From absolute bliss and ecstasy to surrender and silence, to grief or anger, everything is possible. The whole body is also massaged, touched and pampered in the man, so that he can prepare himself completely relaxed for the wonderful intimate massage. Here, too, nothing is left out. The focus is on the man in holding the sexual energy at a high level of pleasure. Through the Lingam massage, this intense energy is stimulated and distributed with gentle exhalations throughout the body. This technique makes it possible to indulge longer in pleasure and to relax internally in spite of excitement. This creates strong waves of excitement and energy that can trigger a deeper orgasm while at the same time perception of your whole body. The man is allowed to give himself to his own sensuality and to try out how long his “holding” is possible without any performance pressure or expectation. A more than ideal match for an erotic date with an even more erotic accompaniment!

Erotic Massages in the Escort

Insoles and erotic massages

Beneath the naked soles of her and his feet, erotic accupress points await the whole body. The toe stands for the head and neck, the bale for the chest, the transition to the heel for the abdomen and the abdomen, the heel for the legs and feet. To make this pampering program of a foot massage too tingling, there are a few nice little things that you should try. Take warm tea into your mouth, which you also keep on your lips while you gently suck every toe, as if it were a hard erection. If that seems unpleasant, give his loved one before an extensive foot bath: this relaxed and also makes men’s feet delicate and fragrant.

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