What It's Like Begin a High End Escort
Life of An Escort:

Life of An Escort:

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You may not realize what the life of an escort is like. Click here to find out about the lives of the higher end escorts.

Getting paid to have sex. That is the idea most people have when they think of working escorts.

This idea, while true in some cases, isn’t the whole story.

Whether you are a woman looking to enter the industry or just curious about the daily life of an escort, we are here to help.

We’re going to delve into what actually happens when a woman is paid for her time and the effects of working this type of job on her personal life. Keep reading for more information!

It’s Not Just About Sex

The first thought that likely comes to mind about escorts is that their end game is to meet men who want to pay for sex. This is true to an extent, but it isn’t a complete view of the profession.

While there is nothing wrong with the standard, street-level prostitution, it is quite different than the dealings of a high-end escort. Many women who do not work with an agency offer their services in exchange for money–no frills, no extra experiences.

High-end escorts aren’t just paid for sex. They are paid for their time, their companionship, and making their date feel special. In fact, their dates don’t always include heavy physical intimacy.

Dates may include shopping trips, long weekend getaways, or simply laying in bed and watching a movie.

Fitness & Healthy Eating

In order to maintain high client satisfaction, repeat business, and attract new customers, escorts often focus on their figure. This usually means that their day starts with a trip to the gym.

Of course, working out is only part of the battle when it comes to keeping a great figure. Women working for agencies also watch the types of food they consume and portion size to ensure their great aesthetic appeal.

This also allows them to splurge when they are out for dinner dates and meet any agency requirements regarding appearance.

Education & Work

Believe it or not, high-end escorts do not choose this profession because they lack options. Most women in the industry are well-educated or still attending college. Additionally, they may hold mainstream ‘regular’ jobs.

The life of an escort often includes attending university classes as she may not plan on this line of work forever. Classes in psychology are particularly useful as escorting is all about making an interpersonal connection.

However, there is not necessarily any major or field of study that is more popular than another. Just like any other person, they may have interests in computer programming, engineering, law, or medicine.

As far as having a ‘regular’ job, some women choose to keep one, while others do not. These jobs vary as greatly as their degrees and women who choose to keep a day job and escort often have reasons for doing so.

Family Relations

Because of the stigma that is associated with escorting, many ladies choose not to tell their families the nature of their work. This doesn’t mean they are ashamed, but instead, choose to keep their professional life private.

Although many working women do not disclose their work life, some are completely open about it. Their families support their choice and love them regardless.

You should take note: women who escort full-time, or as their sole means of income, typically have more free time to spend with their loved ones. This often means attending events that they would otherwise miss, and developing deeper familial ties.

Boyfriends (or Girlfriends)

While high-end escorts often lead a relatively normal life, the distinguishing factor is that personal relations are difficult. It’s not to say that escorts do not have significant others, but some find it hard to separate their professional and private lives in this regard.

If an escort chooses to date someone exclusively, work is usually spoken about a bit less than in other relationships. Otherwise, as long as jealousy stays at a minimum, these connections are normal in every other aspect.

The High Life

If sex work and escorting were legal in all parts of the world and accepted as a ‘normal’ job, these ladies’ lives would be no different than many other people’s. The key difference is the amount of income versus the number of hours spent working.

Escorts tend to make above-average hourly rates, making their financial lives much more stable. This enables them to live a life of luxury, buying the things that middle-class workers can only dream of.

Although their income is higher, many choose NOT to purchase items on a whim and instead choose to invest their earnings in property, their education, or global markets.

The Life of an Escort is Only Slightly Different Than Yours

It is difficult to describe the daily life of an escort due to the fact that each escort is a woman–as different and varied as any other person in the world. As you can imagine, there is a lot of discretion when it comes to their profession, but no more so than a therapist or an attorney.

In reality, a high-end escort can be seen as a saleswoman. They wake up, work out, attend to family and personal needs, and work hard for their money. These ladies just happen to have more fun while they earn.

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