This Is What It’s

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It would be easy to begin this blog with some straightforward advice as to the most pleasurable acts, positions or toys. But I am not going to. read more

Escort Safety Tips:

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ESCORT SAFETY TIPS: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ​ Staying safe as an escort is very important. Read on to learn about the top escort safety tips. ​ One of the biggest misconceptions about escorting is that…

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7 Social Situations

According to Psychology Today, recent interviews indicate that many younger men prefer older women because mature women are self-confident and good at conversation. Mature escorts will bring you to a world of pleasure that only…

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Life of An Escort:

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LIFE OF AN ESCORT: WHAT IT’S LIKE BEING A HIGH END ESCORT ​ You may not realize what the life of an escort is like. Click here to find out about the lives of the…

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5 Ways Guys Can Ruin the First Date (and How to Save It!)

5 Ways Guys Can Ruin the First Date (and How to Save It!) 630 762 The Elite Companion
This scenario is an all too familiar one for me: I’ve spent hours getting ready for a first date and even longer pouring over his profile, while simultaneously trying to predict whether or not this is going to be a match made in Tinder heaven or a total flop. read more

Erotic Fantasies

A sexual fantasy, also called an erotic fantasy, is a mental image or pattern of thought that stirs a person's sexuality and can create or enhance sexual arousal...

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